Front-End Development

At Globytex, our front-end development team is responsible for creating the user-facing part of our clients’ websites and applications. We use a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build visually stunning and responsive interfaces that are optimized for various devices and browsers. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used for creating the structure of a webpage. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for adding style and visual effects to a webpage. JavaScript is used for adding interactivity and dynamic functionality to a webpage.



We will build dynamic and full featured web applications using Codeigniter. By combining the innovation and best feature of codeigniter, And we hold the rich experience of integrating flexible content management systems. We build PHP framework using all sorts of responsive websites like B2B and B2C websites. Enjoy the flexibility of the PHP framework with our codeigniter Ecommerce website solutions.



We will work for the best and design with a purpose, and engineer your company for an innovative business. We know that what makes your website unique and special, we will provide guidance and counsel to our clients to ensure their vision is fully realized. Globytex always makes custom solution designs to fix the clients needs. Our user Interaction design ensures your website extends to the overall brand.



It has designed and engineered robust, scalable retail experiences for clients of all sizes and sectors. Our expert analysts and designers are able to identify exactly how to tailor your eCommerce platform and online store to achieve your short- and long-term business goals. Whether you’re just starting with Magento or migrating from a different eCommerce platform, And ensuring seamless integration with third party plugins like ERP. We can increase conversion, bounce rate, and boost overall sales.



We have already laid our foundation in it, we will create it without any worries and sweating the small things. In the world of coding and web development, Laravel web Application development can help you to get the best website. Let me tell you, Laravel is the developers’ favorite because of its elements from other similar frameworks. It is compatible and way more convenient to use in coding. Laravel will help develop a unique, feature-rich, and rapid web application with great handy features.


Database(MySql & Sqlite)

We will create robust , reliable tools for Accessing and managing related databases. Our expert analysts and developers are able to identify exactly how to build, launch, and integrate an SQL-powered solution into your tech stack to meet your business goals. And you’ve got a rapid development process to get your product to launch faster. We will produce a database which will make safe and secure of your data as your utmost priority.



Firebase is being used along with Flutter/Dart for cross platform mobile apps, and in native Android/iOS mobile apps as well. It provides very robust, scalable and easy to use APIs and SDKs that make your life as a mobile app developer so much easier. Firebase provides one bucket solution for all platforms. We have connected firebase for the last two years by using it for mobile application development, real-time database, and engagement services for our whole organization. It uses a great authentication mechanism without any interpretation. The best thing about the user’s feedback is that they are very satisfied with a very seamless and smooth experience. They provided very detailed documentation that helps a person code with basic skills also.